• John Haller -- senior pastor

    John has been serving in pastoral ministry since 2014 and joins Highland Hills Church as our eighth pastor beginning on August 1, 2021. John received his Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Ministry in 2016 from Clear Creek Baptist Bible College in Pineville, KY, where he graduated with academic honors.  He went on to continue his education at the University of the Cumberlands in Williamsburg, KY, where he earned his Master of Arts in Christian Studies degree in 2018.  

    John was raised in grew and up in Fort Thomas, KY, and graduated from Highlands High School.  He is married to Angela L. (Alford) Haller.  They have two grown sons, Jacob  and Joshua.  Angie enjoys family, interior design, and fashion and John's interests are music, reading, and soccer.

  • Adam Crozier - Associate pastor worship & youth

    Adam joined our staff on April 3, 2022.  He was ordained into the gospel ministry in 2021.  Adam has had over 10 years experience leading worship and playing music with his own band.  He has also served as a youth pastor in his father's church.  Adam's father is a pastor in Falmouth, KY, and his brother is also a pastor in Falmouth, KY.  Adam lives here in Fort Thomas with his wife Alison and his three children, Easton, Amelia, and Annabel.  Adam works for Fidelity Investments and also is involved in the Moyer School Site Based Team. His wife Alison teaches in the Cincinnati Schools.

  • ken fullam - audio director

    Education: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Cincinnati.

    Ken also is our pianist on the Worship Team.  He is classically trained.  Ken majored in trumpet and also plays bass guitar in a local 80's group--The Rusty Griswolds.  He is the father of three sons and is now a proud grandfather.  Ken has been a staff member of Highland Hills for more than half of his life!

  • Kathy and her daughter Carleigh Saberton have been members of Highland Hills since September 12, 2018.  Since that time Kathy has been a vocalist in the Worship Team.  When the Worship Leader position became open in September of 2019, Kathy was asked to fill that role and she graciously accepted.  She lives in Fort Thomas with her husband Jeff and daughter Carleigh.  Kathy also works as a performance improvement coordinator/manager for a company in Cincinnati, OH.

  • Chick morgan - Church Clerk / treasurer / custodian

    Education: Bachelor's Degree from Northern Kentucky University in 1977

    Family: Sister-Kathy A. Morgan

    Hobbies: Football/Softball, Coin Collecting

    Interesting Facts:

    • Member Campbell County High School Football "Chain Crew" (1974-2014)
    • Co-Founded and President of Christian Fellowship Softball League (Co-ed)
    • Charter Member of the Northern Kentucky Community Chorus
    • Charter Member of Highland Hills Church, 1961