• JOsh Wilcox - worship pastor

    Education: Bachelor of Arts in Church Music from Cumberland College

    Family: Wife: Katie; Sons: Shepard, Bennett, and Corbin

    Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska

    Hobbies: Running, Camping, Games - which include, but are not limited to - sport games, card games, board games, and video games. And ultimately, doing whatever it is my kids and wife decide to do are also now my hobbies.

    Interesting Facts:

    • I love spicy food. So much so, that I'll put cayenne pepper on burgers, pizza, etc. I, adversely, have a dislike for onions for many very compelling reasons. Any food that makes you weep when you prepare it cannot be trusted.
    • I enjoy dancing. From ballroom classes to being on a Step Team, I've had a lot of fun over my lifetime from learning various kinds of dance.
    • I love the snow. Growing up in Nebraska, we measured our snow in feet, and, yes, we had school regardless.
  • melissa henry - children's minister

    Melissa is new to Highland Hills' staff! Watch for more info coming soon.

  • katie wilcox - preschool minister

    Katie is new to Highland Hills' staff! Watch for more info coming soon.

  • shannon smith - ministry Assistant

    Education: Attended Northern Kentucky University

    Family: Husband: Jason, Daughters: Lizzie and Ashley

    Hobbies: Reading, Playing with my girls, Hanging out with family and friends

    Hometown: Bellevue, Kentucky

  • Barbara walkenhorst derby - Financial Assistant

    Education: Associate's Degree from Northern Kentucky University

    Family: Husband - Bob; Son and Daughter-In-Law - David and Sandy

    Daughter and Son-In-Law - Diane and Jeff

    Grandchildren - Matt and Mark Walkenhorst; Mallory, Natalie, and Sydney Beach

    Hobbies/Enjoyment: Traveling; playing cards; going to Lakeside, on Lake Erie, every summer on vacation with my children and grandchildren; going to dinner with friends.

    Hometown: Alexandria, Kentucky

    Favorite Quote: "A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour."

  • ken fullam - audio director

    Education: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Cincinnati

  • Chick morgan - custodian

    Education: Bachelor's Degree from Northern Kentucky University in 1977

    Family: Sister-Kathy A. Morgan

    Hobbies: Football/Softball, Coin Collecting

    Interesting Facts:

    • Member Campbell County High School Football "Chain Crew" (1974-2014)
    • Co-Founded and President of Christian Fellowship Softball League (Co-ed)
    • Charter Member of the Northern Kentucky Community Chorus
    • Charter Member of Highland Hills Church
  • Kenny young - custodian